Monday, June 13, 2011

BOOK TWO (16) Kate Middleton, gelling

For a housewife's soul, the greatest of personal mess ups is to be toughly attached to the domestic--and as unfeeling as a fibroid. For nattering heartlessly to your exhausted hubby about one part of the home, for example: a floor which needs refinishing, wears on the polish and calm of the entire household.

Another wrong is to reject other housewives, or claw them up with catty posts, (as has happened to a small degree to the radiant Kate Middleton, by people who lack her poise and destiny).

A third wrong is to overindulge in the pleasure of serving eggs for dinner --or the pain of buying your son a toy gun because it's what he really wants (and has been constructing out of tinker toys, lego, sticks, and bread crusts since the beginning.)

A fourth self-imposed wrong is to cheerfully offer to bring an appetizer, and then run out of prep time...leading to mushroom caps stuffed with ricotta, lemon, and crabbiness.

A fifth wrong is for the housewife to direct her care and domestic talent to pointless projects (alphabetizing the spice drawer is right on the edge), or to no direction at all... for even the least of our jam recipes ought to have "gelling" as a goal.

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