Monday, April 25, 2011

BOOK TWO (12) candles, acid wash jeans

We don't exactly need our advanced degrees to realize how quickly all things disappear over time...

...not only the perkiness of our "girls" caused by gravity and breastfeeding, but eventually even our memory of the feedings, themselves.

We should reflect on the nature of stuff that appeals to our senses. Particularly those items that seduce us as pleasures to come:

a) intriguing shops

...give us the willies,

a). clowns

...or cause us to brag:

skiied here

baked these

--they're all relatively contemptible if you think about it... and may fade more quickly than the popularity of "acid wash" jeans.

We should keep in perspective the degree to which someone "liking" your comment on Facebook means something.

And think about the day we will finally fold up our ironing board for good. By "think about it", I mean concentrate on it with a mother's "look me in the eyes" kind of steely steadiness, draining away the useless aspects from the simple truth (as you might do with green beans and salted water). You'll soon agree it's a natural and inevitable process...(like getting wrinkles, which only children and that-woman-with-the-Audi fears), and that the awareness of the "end of ironing" in fact enriches all of the ironing which should pass before it.

Finally, consider Oprah's advice and "remember your spirit". Consider the degree to which lighting a (Diptyque?) candle beside the bath (after a huge day of raking) will help you do so, or not. Perhaps the raking itself was spiritual. Just think about it.


  1. What woman-with-the-Audi? And what about the woman-with-the-Mercedes? And...nice pic in the paper!

  2. Good morning Alex,

    Not only do you have blackmail material in hand (!), but you sound concerned... "Woman-with-the-Audi" is emphatically NOT the one near and dear!

    RGP x

  3. Dear George Wells,

    Thank you for your note... I'm so glad that this site helped you with "prayer learning". The spirit does move in mysterious ways, doesn't it? Thank you also for the invitation to visit you at your home. Would it be ok if I brought my kids with me? If you don't mind me saying so, you look rather youthful yourself, so I think you'd hit it off with the lads.

    The only problem, George, is that I don't think I can mapquest your address, as given. Additionally, while I think True Religion jeans are ok, I'd likely be more interested in what "true religion related topics" might be.

    Kindly advise.