Friday, March 18, 2011

BOOK ONE (Part 7 con't.) jazz dance camp, self-help

To his wife he was not committed, so let us instead consider my mum, who was the first housewife of my consciousness. Before her Avon sales representative she was tremendously devout; before her fellow-housewives she never stooped to bid for popularity by buying a full set of Tupperware, but pursued her own studious and selfhelp-fortified way,

...disdaining anything that savoured of pretension. She did not accept without either complacency or serious muttering a lack of material comforts as fortune (and her divorce) had left at her disposal. When she had better years, she would give us skis for Christmas and register me in jazz dance camp,

and when they were not, she taught herself accounting and made money on the side preparing people's tax returns.

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