Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BOOK TWO (4) croissants,tempus fugit

Think of how many times you've pulled out croissant recipes, read them, checked if you have extra butter in the fridge, then decided it was too ambitious, and put it all away. How you've been able to consistently produce a mean currant scone [1] and formidable pie crusts, yet you haven't applied yourself to croissants! It is now time to realize that you're a pretty good cook and baker, that you have all the information easily at hand; and to admit that one day you will no longer want to even pull out the recipe books--the reading alone will be too tiring. Bake the croissants, then, to up your kitchen mojo (not to mention brag a little on Facebook); before the urge dissipates, like water in a forgotten kettle.

[1] My favorite currant scone recipe is in this book. Recipe freely available to you via the "look inside" preview as provided by Amazon...

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