Thursday, March 31, 2011

BOOK TWO (5) HB pencils, regrets

HB pencil by HB pencil, resolve firmly, like a Housewife and a Woman, to individually label all those school supplies with stickers of your child's name, without getting maudlin about your friend's recoculously sweet promotion; whining until someone bails you out; or pretending you just didn't get the supply list in time. It's brainless work, not unlike dusting or watering the plants. Skip the self-defeating inner monologue, the f-bomb strewn rant (the de facto soundtrack of housework), the wish to show off how much cooler your labels are by puzzling over sourcing the perfect font. And don't avoid the task by fiddling around, trying on clothes, then getting disgruntled because you have nothing to wear.

See how chuffed you are with yourself for not flying off the handle? If only you could always be so balanced, lugging the Electrolux around behind you, like so many regrets.

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