Monday, March 28, 2011

BOOK TWO (3) Nigella Lawson, Amy Winehouse, moussaka

Housewifery is full of times when one moment you're channeling Nigella Lawson,

the next, Amy Winehouse.

But even the occasional shrunken sweater has its place in the laundry basket of life...that is, in the bundle of changing demands which are written on the "to do" list you made during breakfast. (To which you can add "buy new sweater.")

Your will to accept this variability is a major source of household awesomeness; as such, you might want to offer toasted raisin bread for a change (especially if it's Monday), in order to keep everyone from slinking back to bed. You are key to the well-being of your household, as well as to the wash cycle, particularly because you'll be the one to bring the clothes back upstairs and iron them afterwards. So don't fret: that "to do" list you made-- which you plan to check off-- is good, even if not all gets checked off. Moreover, remember what keeps the whole family from boring itself to death is change-- not merely as in a change of socks; but also as in a change of swimming for skating; moussaka for pasta; or mucking in the garden together instead of letting them veg in front of the Xbox.

On these thoughts rest content and hold them as dear as the salt dough robin your preschooler made last spring. (Forget your thirst for Chopped and Hoarders) So that when your life's laundry has finally spun and dried you may not murmur over who forgot to feed the cat, but meet it wearing something other than "mom jeans", and gratitude for all the Bundt cakes which have properly de-molded.

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